Paragliding Alicante | paragliding Santa Pola | agenda Doyouwanna

Paragliding Alicante | paragliding Santa Pola | agenda Doyouwanna
2 Feb 2019

Agenda Doyouwanna Alicante paragliding

-  today till 14 febr Alicante guiding
- 14 febr / 9 march Morocco roadtrip
- 10 march / 23 march Alicante guiding
- 24 march  / 21 april Iran roadtrip
- 22 april / 1 nov 2019 Alicante guiding

Next 20-23 june 2019 there will be a XC comp organized on our site Caudete.  We will be there. Organization will be in hands of XC Chema Albal.

We invite all foreign pilots to come down for our roadtrips and guiding in Alicante.  You wont regret.   It ll make you a better and safer pilot.  You ll have access to all our sites.  And you'll flying with the locals.  And this way helping out maintaining all our sites hassle free, 

20 years it ll be end of this month.   20 years of inviting and welcoming all pilots visiting.  And tandemming,

Nick Pollet and team

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