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Biplaza parapente Alicante / Santa Pola
16 May 2020

Doyouwanna Alicante

What we offer for those not knowing us yet.

Our main activity is guiding paragliding pilots, making them safer and better pilots.

And what is needed to fullfill this service ?

Experience for more than 20 years guiding all visiting pilots in Alicante.  Alicante based near 25 (!) paragliding sites of , Alicante !
From easy soaring to thermalling, from route setting to xc flying.

A reliable climate, well you can google yourself on that and check where Europe’s best climate is.   
Grandma chose Benidorm 30 km away from us, to dance her days away, she was mad but not stupid.

A cocktail of all this assures you the best paragliding trip ever.

Tandem flights paragliding

Again since 1998 in the region offering all an unforgetable experience,, mens’ oldest dream to fly.

In a safe environment we will fly for YOU, and want YOU to be emotioned  by the sensational feel of walking in the sky overlooking awesome beauty under, beneath and above you.

Licensed and pilots with years of experience will be there for you.

 Paragliding schooling - paragliding shop

We team up with our spanish instructor colleagues, with whom we worked for years.  We choose the best.

From day one you’ll practice balancing the paraglider.
And only when we see you manage, we’ll get you your first solo flight with radio assistance.

We sell equipment, gliders, harnasses, electronics.   We’ll get you personalized advice, best price.  We don’t have a physical shop, so no overhead cost, which keep prices democratic.

We teach in english, german, spanish.   All ages welcome, a min fitness level is required.

Roadtrips abroad

Every year we invite pilots from all over the world to fly with us in Morocco, Iran, And also up north in the Spanish Pyrenees

Its been a succes after all these years roadtripping.  The paragliding on our roadtrips are topped up with local visits, families, culture, gastronomy.

I can’t wait to take youl along.

Multi-adventure activities such as jeep safaris, jetski, hiking, sea kajakking, sailing, mountain biking are organized for the active tourist

That was our menu.  If you have any questions we will be more than happy to answer.

Still doubt about our professionalism, service ¿ Might be.  Asked around or check our ranking on tripadvisor. (doyouwanna)

You can share if you believe in our quality commitment and service

Thanks so much for previous years and years ahead,.

Nick and team

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