Morocco paragliding february march 2021

Flying in Alicante, journeys in the sky
11 Dec 2020

Febr 2021 we re roadtripping to Morocco

Here we go :

Morocco roadtrip Doyouwanna

Sat 20 febr - sat 27 febr 2021
Sat 27 febr - sat 6 march 2021

Check your agenda and join

If Covid restrictions are not getting stricter then we' ll go to Morocco. Avoiding those few non flyable days in Alicante.

We ll probably need a negative Covid test to enter Morocco and we ll be safe and free to fly the Atlas, Sahara and Ocean sites.

Who s up for it ? Let us get you price and detailled info on our next trip.

Nick y team
Doyouwanna paragliding Team

Let me know if interested and we ll book a place for you.

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