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8 Feb 2021

How are we doing ?

Same like everyone else I guess.   Not living the happiest times of our lives are we ?

But lets not be too dark, but brighten up our minds and souls.  Day by day, as every day is closer to a solution for this horrible pandemia.

We’re not only fighting the virus, we’re fighting a very opiniated and divided world.   And its tiring.  
We’re fighting personal griefs and losses.  Financial stress, future doubts.    

Fingers crossed for a sooner normality than we expected.   For a re-opening of normal lifestyles.

We’re lucky here in Alicante we can go out and fly.  We’re lucky having mild to sunny weather almost every day.
Yes we’re lucky and should treasure it.

As you should treasure your family and friends, your passions, your little daily pleasures whatever they are.   

Hey you all, we ll get out of this stronger.

I play some guitar and looking for happy supportive songs to play.
One of them is ‘i can see clearly now the rain has gone’ - Johhny Nash or Jimmy Cliff

Warmest Spanish hug from me to you all,

Please stay healthy and strong,
we’ll surf those clouds together soon,

Nick Pollet

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