Hey you all, maybe nice to introduce me,

Like who am I ¿

I ve been a traveler all my life.   And 35 years ago I discovered paragliding, made it my trade 25 years ago moving down to Spain, Alicante region with its best climate, mountains and coastal sites nearby.

I choose Alicante because of its diversity and I love the sun !   We have coastal sites and mountain sites.  Best of both worlds.   And if not flyable ?  Well you ll be in the least boring region of Spain, with lots of side activities possible.   Watersports, climbing etc... all you d wish for.

I m passionate in my guiding, to help you out, becoming a better pilot.   I brief according to your interest.    I welcome beginners to XC pilots, acro pilots and will show and guide all pilots to our more than 25 sites all year round.   Spanish roadtrip with all the comfort you ll need.

About our roadtrips :

II ve been travelling and always been fascinated by nature, culture, history, gastronomy, people.

If dont fly comps, but fly every possible day.  Always eager to find the best spot to fly.   I can be high fiving after a XC flights, but also after a flight on a new born site.   A soaring session over the azure blue sea, a winched flight over the desert, a mini wing discovery flight over a just discovered hill.

During the years I’ve read a lot about travelling with a paraglider.  But what I saw and heard was that companies just go to foreign, sometimes exotic countries with their paragliding friends but tend to stay on the hill and don’t move.    Spending non flyable time  waiting in a bar or a  hotel.

That’s not travelling with a paraglider for me.

Travelling with a paraglider for me is going around in a country, move from site to site, following the weather, and meanwhile visiting, nosing around in the country.   Not wasting valueble non flying hours or days waiting but instead explore the country in all his beauty; culture, food, landscape.. 

That’s exactly what my roadtrips are about.  I started to use the word roadtrip, and in particular not ‘paragliding trip’ to emphasize on our different approach.

Of course paragliding is the main thing of the trip, but the package around is as important.  

That’s also the reason why we choose Morocco, IRAN etc… . Countries where we can move around from site to site and be amazed by the country, its people, food, nature, culture etc… name it,

If you think this is your approach to a fascinating paragliding journey, then you ll be more than happy joining me on my roadtrips.

I ll take you where you never would go, due to my drive to show you things off the beaten track.   Years of experienced travelling, my choice of countries to fly our paragliders, surely helps out knowing local habits, local friends and pilots.

 A huge network of friends abroad, great assistants and qualified partners are ready to assure you a non forgettable roadtrip.

You can ask your country fellows more about the guiding, roadtrips etc, here they are, give them my regards :

- Johan from Sweden : johan@bernalt.se
- Hans from the Netherlands : jmburgers@gmail.com
- Remi from France : betheoneandonly@gmail.com
- Arnold from Belgium : van.remoortere.arn@telenet.be
- Sven from Norway : svenfonn@gmail.co
- John from USA : jderuiter2256@gmail.com
- Michael from Germany : michael.pausch@online.de

Nick and team

Hope you get in touch !

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