Paragliding Alicante | Parapente Alicante | Thermal chasing in Spain

Paragliding Alicante |  Parapente Alicante | Thermal chasing in Spain
13 Aug 2018

We are here in Alicante to give you access to all our sites, to make you a better and safer pilot, to fly our sites on the right time, and fly them better, higher longer.

We also organize roadtrips see below, out of the ordinary roadtrips, let us know if you need more info

2018 roadtrips

When not on roadtrip, then fully operational in Alicante with our complete guiding service

  • 1 nov – 10 nov roadtrip IRAN - fully booked

We are working on roadtrip to Algeria, not known territory, huge mountain sites, top adventure it will be.   

2019 roadtrips

  • 16 febr – 9th march roadtrip MOROCCO - almost fully booked !
  • 4 april – 14 april roadtrip IRAN - few places left
  • 22 june – 29 june roadtrip Spanish Pyrenees
  • 31 okt – 10 nov roadtrip IRAN - bookings coming in

Any roadtrip you are interested in let us know.   Roadtrips tend to be pretty fast booked up.  Also, we like to roadtrip with small groups, more personalized and more flexible we are that way.  So be quick if you are wanting something completely different what other companies offer,.


Welcome !

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